Walking through the various Cerebral palsy treatment options.

Cerebral palsy as we are aware of is a non-curable disorder .However there exists  different forms & types of therapies which can be of help to improve the quality of life and the prevailing  conditions of the children & people suffering . The word “Therapy” could often sound as frustrating & tedious however for those suffering from Cerebral palsy; it is a part of daily routine /life. Unlike the conventional forms of therapies, the recent ones embedded with audio visual effects provide children especially with a virtual world escape from the real world limitations.

Various therapies available can be enlisted are as follows:

Acupuncture: It has been practiced for thousands of years in china & other parts of the world .  It helps reduce stress, improve energy, and restore balance.  Acupuncture provides effective therapeutic relief for many health conditions including migraines, dizziness, depression and anxiety. Balance problems can be treated with less fear of falling to a hard surface.

Aqua therapy: Water is forgiving – your body can attempt movement and make mistakes and miscalculations and thereby learn its safe limits. Aquatic physical therapy is often prescribed in conjunction with land-based therapy.

Equine-therapy/Hippotherapy: Horses are special animals and their healing powers have been recognized for thousands of years.  Physical therapists believe that the horse’s movement created neurological changes that help to improve a person’s postural control, strength, and coordination.

Physical & occupational therapy: Includes Exercises practiced were all aimed to improve your mobility and function of   body parts. Also includes Manual therapy to relieve pain and stiffness & improve blood circulation. Assistive tools for      exercises such as physioball , balance board , scooter ,swings etc are  used .Medical Management: Depending on the etiology of the extent of patient’s suffering a variety of medical and surgical    options may be recommended by appropriate medical professional(s). Medications may be provided to suppress the    vestibular symptoms or to treat the primary & secondary conditions .Dietary and/or lifestyle changes may be  recommended. Surgical intervention may be considered in specific cases.

 A more futuristic technology that is able to cope up with the overall demands of all the therapies also which would streamline all the aspects of the therapy along with the major component of clear detection of results is the need of the  hour.
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