It is really useful, I have been using it since its inception.  It will revolutionize vestibular stimulation leading to much benefit having everything in  one vestibulator. It certainly impact on speedy improvement

Shahri Pushpa , Senior Occupational therapist, Haji Ali Govt. Rehabilitation center

The therapy sessions on Vestibulator are very specific as it can provide desired degree of motion with desired speed, amplitude in desired positions decided by the therapist for a particular patient. There by enabling the therapist achieve quicker qualitative results.

We congratulate Transpact Team  for scientifically designing the Vestibulator which has widened the scope of therapy(Sensory Integration , Neuro-developmental & Vestibular Rehabilitation)  for Pediatric Population needing Rehabilitation

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Dr.Maya Nanavati, POSAT Foundation , Borivali.

It will decrease the therapists efforts and increase the productivity and care of child

Dr. Trupti Nikharge , Nair Hospital Mumbai

I hope it is valuable to people at large in near future. All the best

Dr. Karisma H. Kesarwani, Jupiter Hospital Thane