The healing power of love…

Love when we here this word all that comes to the mind is nothing but roses, gifts , music, lights on and on… everything that is romantic correct???  And every one of us believes in this intense emotion of nature. Love has various forms and elements in it to name a few Care, empathy, choosing someone as your priority and so on. It is always about knowing and realizing that there is someone whom you know you can always count on. The one who can bear toddlers tantrums to teenage angst, the person who gave you  life, the one who loves you unconditionally, warmth of her hug overpowers everything that surrounds you .It’s true, mothers’ love is priceless and virtually impossible to describe. It is a feeling that can be only understood when experienced. It is rightly said a child gives birth to a mother. Yes a woman feels completely overwhelmed with emotions when she knows that she is going to be a mother .Things change altogether right from morning sickness, fatigue, sleeplessness, and postpartum depression to feeling anxious about caring for the new baby she goes through all of it. And all this time with her stands a very strong person as he is supposed to be the father who also sees dreams of the family’s future along with her .Being a parent is very difficult and parenting/catering a child with disability or special needs is far more challenging and difficult .Along with the news of child’s disability comes the feeling of shock, numbness, sadness, denial, blame, fear, confusion, rejection and grief. One cannot run away from what he or she feels as there is no right or wrong way for the feelings. Learning to deal with these feelings after diagnosis is nothing but a positive indication about coming to terms with life and moving on with your child’s life, your family life and your life too.
While Keeping in touch with Reality maintaining a positive attitude throughout   and realizing the importance of time in finding Programs, treatment, therapies for Your Child is very important. Also one important thing to remember here is that you are not alone, there are many parents who share the same grief and we at transpact are there with you all in this struggle.


Your love towards your child is the best support and an inspiration for you throughout the journey. Love, not only will help you to accept things, but will eventually transform and  heal your heart and will give you a hope for bright future.
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