The Developmental Milestones.

Every child is unique and has his/hers’ own growth pace. The developmental journey of child is different in every case so is parenthood. The first roll over, crawl etc have their own charm and all together a different experience for parent. However, it is very necessary for a parent to make a note of all the milestones a child is attaining and when. It is very important to evaluate the gross motor development that is the physical development, speech and language, reasoning and social behaviour of a child from time to time.
As said earlier the development of every child is unique however the developmental journey has its own commonly set milestones. These are set of physical or behavioural activities that children generally show at that particular age group be it months or years.


It is important for a parent to keep a tab of these milestones because these are important markers in determining the overall development of a child from time to time. Attainment of developmental milestones in timely manner is indeed a very good indication of growth of one’s child. Any deflection or delay can be an indication of a developmental disorder in the child which might need the intervention by a specialist. Thus, Sooner the detection better it is. 
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