Summer Health Tips

Day by day the temperature is rising steadily and the sun rays are no more soothing in fact the levels of discomfort are now going to increase till it rains. In short winter is coming to an end and summer has already begun to shine and days are getting longer. With Summertime once again; its vacations, outings, natives so on but it also means summer-specific diseases such as diarrhoea, dehydration, fevers, arthropod-borne diseases etc.
Dear Parents,
Here are some health tips to help make this summer, healthiest for you and your child.
1.       Avoid getting out from 10 am to 4 pm: The sun is very harsh in this time. Scorching heat, pollution, dust will make you exhausted and irritated so it is better to plan your travel in early morning or late evening hours. Schedule the doctor’s appointment or therapy session for your child accordingly.
2.       Drink enough fluids: In summer, the body loses more water so everyone needs need to drink enough water. Keep yourself hydrated is the general advice for summers. Avoid carbonated drinks as they make one even thirstier. The healthy choices could be coconut water, lemonade and fresh fruit juices.
3.       Wear light clothing: Avoid dark shades of colour for clothing as they absorb more heat. Wear light clothes of heat friendly fabrics such as cotton so that you feel comfortable. Full sleeves clothing will help you protect from sunburns.
4.       Vaccinate: Protect yourself and your child against chickenpox, typhoid, hepatitis and the flu by taking the vaccines for these diseases. check your child’s medical record for booster shots and consult your paediatrician about which vaccines you may need.
5.       Freshen up the diet: Encourage yourself & your child to eat nutritious food that will strengthen his/her immunity. Freshen up the diet with fruits & vegetables; avoid spicy, oily stuff. Cook food thoroughly especially meat, poultry and eggs.
6.       Maintain hygiene: Make sure that your child washes his/her hands thoroughly and regularly especially before & after meals. Prevent food poisoning by maintaining clean & hygienic conditions preparing and serving food.
7.       Use Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15 repeatedly in 4 hours to avoid skin damage.
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