Special Need Mom.

Mother is just another name of love. Probably calling out for our Mother is the first thing we learn in life. No one in our lives can ever replace her warmth, love & sacrifices. We all admire her for the tireless efforts she takes to make a heavenly place called as “home”.
Being a mother is a lifetime role a woman fulfills; the selfless way she takes care of each & everyone in the family is truly admirable. Having her on our side to love us, protect us, nurture us & take care of us makes us all happy.
Parenting is the major focus of a mother’s life. They are under a continuous scanner because relatives, neighbors, few family members too relate all the sorts of attributes of a child’s behavior to good or bad parenting. Parenting in itself is a tough challenge and a very difficult journey. Having a Child with Special Needs makes the journey a bit more difficult & challenging. Being a Special need parent requires a bit more of everything i.e patience ,love ,empathy ,resourcefulness , finances ,energy and so on .All Parents with children with special needs have a unique & demanding journey of their own. They have their own varied sets of issues & solutions too. Although they suffer the same plight to some extent they all have to figure out situations all by themselves.
Being a Special Need Parent is at times a very heart-breaking & overwhelming experience. For Mothers’ its more difficult to go through it all owing to their more sensitive nature towards their child. As mentioned earlier every parents journey is unique but there are certain common feelings to which Special Need Moms’ can relate themselves too.
Special needs Moms’ life can often be lonelier & isolating that others. They are so busy taking care of their child, his medical appointments, counselors, therapy sessions etc that they really don’t really get much a time for themselves, going out, relaxing etc. They gradually tend to shift their focus from their own needs to the child’s making themselves feel more isolated & lonely in due course of time. They have to work hard to create a balance & preserve with other family ties’ examples their marriage, other kin relationships etc. They worry a lot almost about everything and overthinking at times adds up to their stress. Their health both physical & emotional often suffers in the journey. With so much of stress and busy routines they end up neglecting their own diet & illness, but that’s not correct you need to be healthy in order to take care of your child. Moms’ break down emotionally, they feel very hurt if their child is mistreated or bullied by anyone.
Above all they are the true warriors, they fight all the odds & situations life puts in front of them and they never give up. A tiniest development in child’s medical condition or even half spoken words of the child or just a hug from the child feels like a gift to her. All she wishes to see and hopes that her child becomes a successful adult in his/her life and can take care of themselves.
A Mother is a blessing God bestows upon every child. Love & respect her all the time because her love has no equals.
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