Means of combating Cerebral palsy

Every individual suffering from cerebral palsy is unique in terms of severity of damage, extent and type of impairment. The symptomatology of this disorder (CP) is very varied; it may range from slight clumsiness to severe impairments. The classical symptoms are associated with abnormality in muscles, reflexes, motor development and coordination, sensory impairments, seizures, spasticity etc.
Hence developing a general protocol for treatment is very difficult. The damage caused to the brain cannot be healed however various therapies, surgeries, drugs, treatments and so on help the individuals to fight this disorder. All the courses of treatment aim to optimize mobility, cope primary conditions, regulate pain, manage and control  complications, associative conditions and co-mitigating factors, maximize independence, boost social and peer interactions, raise self-care, optimize ability to communicate, maximize learning potential& above all  to provide a quality  life.
Various Course of treatments are available today for Cerebral palsy to list a few  like  acupuncture, aqua therapy, behavioral therapy, physical therapy ,cognitive education , nutrition & diet therapy ,hippotherapy ,massage therapy ,occupational therapy ,play therapy ,recreational therapy , respiratory therapy ,sensory integration therapy ,social therapy ,speech & language therapy  , various surgeries & supplementary medications.


However in a long run the cost of these treatment goes high .We are in need for a one stop solution in terms of reliability, efficiency & economics of cerebral palsy treatment
Courtesy- Healthline
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