Know Your Brain!

Let’s talk about the person who commands all the human actions. It’s the “BRAIN”. Every action of our body is accounted to our brain as it monitors all the activities performed. The person’s -performance personality, emotional stability, learning abilities, self-confidence and psycho-social maturity depends upon the integration of his nervous system. There are approximately 140 billion nerve cells in the Human Nervous System (HNS). Each neuron is connected with about 3,000 other neurons by about 30,000 Synapses (a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter). Harmony of each neuron with the other neuron results into coordination and skill.
In normal day-to-day living, a person utilizes the only 1/10th of the brain. 90% of the neuronal connections are silent and can be activated by putting high demands. 90% of this silent neurology becomes the base of therapeutics after brain damage. Though the damaged cells do not regenerate, the neighbouring neurons take over the function of damaged cells. The damaged cell’s axon and dendrites grow collaterals to form new synaptic connections. The process is known as sprouting.
Thus, our nervous system is plastic with an ability to reorganize after an insult. A skilful therapist can achieve 97% of results in his patient with just 3% of neurology available, utilizing the reorganizing the capacity of the brain.
Hence, it is well said, “right stimulus at the right time boosts up the natural recovery and leads to maximal function”.
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