Growing Technology & Special Needs

After the diagnosis of the child for a given pathological condition say learning disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, autism or any other developmental disorder, every parent has a different way of dealing with the agony. We can precisely say that the overall trial and the journey of dealing with it is of a different kind for each parent. Seeing beyond their own daily frustrations, pain, sentiments they should always be their Child’s biggest supporter and friend. Generally, Parents always have to look at the wider picture of what their child is doing. Having a special need child, the process becomes more mandate.
The growing technology promises us with a wide range of tools, applications, gadgets to help children (cognitive issues to physical impairments) experience greater successes by allowing them to use their abilities to overcome their disabilities. Today technology can add a new dimension in your child’s life making him/her experience success in learning, recreation and work as it can be customised to your child’s needs and abilities.
Technology can compensate for your child’s deficits (skills, verbal or physical impairments) and make him/ her more self-reliant and independent. 
Speech-recognition programs, Speech synthesizers, screen readers, electronic dictionaries etc. have added a new dimension to the conventional communication & learning methods. Improvements like Tobii Technology have opened doors of communication for nonverbal children or adults. Eye tracking technology uses the iris of the user to give commands to a computer that in turn speaks for the user. This technology offers a voice to people that earlier had little way to express his or her thoughts. Eye tracking can also be used to create actions, such as the one can operate a wheelchair without the use of limbs.
The vastness & universality of internet allows people to connect over distances, explore new places, know and learn different things; It allows to them to see videos of places, animals, to listen to music; it fascinates children and gives their imagination wings in a controlled atmosphere. It enriches their recreational aspect of their lives.
A variety of assistive devices are available in the market right from mobility devices likes wheelchairs & crawlers, bathing equipment’s, stool tables which all aim at making life easier. Robotics now is also heading towards adding a new dimension to easy mobility in coming years.


Technology, for special need is making life more adaptable and easier by allowing children and adults to use and improve their functional capabilities and lead a more content and independent life. It is adding a new dimension in the lives of individuals with special needs.  It is thus creating means for parents to deal with their child with Special need.
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