Emotions-Expression, Suppression & Repression

Emotions are the strongest behavioral responses we exhibit. They can add enthusiasm, energy, joy and lot many feelings to our life. However, at the same time emotions can leave us confused, stressed and even drag us down to the depths of depression & despair. Emotions are related to our experiences, what all we have gone through or we are suffering, the present, past, good, bad etc.
Understanding emotions is very important; it is the kindest thing you an ever do to ourselves and other’s too. It allows you to heal and gain wisdom in life. It implies to all of us and Children with special needs are no exception. In fact it affects them more. Identifying the messages behind the emotions is very essential. If they are anxious, you need to ask why or are they afraid of? If they are angry, you need to look at why they are angry, go ahead to understand the feelings behind those behaviors; Understanding their emotions will help them perceive their issues and world differently.
Even we often lock our own emotions, bury what we feel because we think that we can’t face up to deal with or confront them or we are in denial with the feelings we get. We all have our own ways of dealing & coping up with them. Suppression of emotions will lead them to exist always until they resurface again somewhere else, eventually making one feel ill both physically &mentally. Suppression takes a toll on our health in a long run.
Repression is nothing but denial and directing our feelings and attention away from our conscious thoughts into our subconscious mind. This blocks away thoughts, memories which are hurtful. Repression provides a short term relief only.
The ultimate solution is to talk and speak about what you feel honestly. Expression can be both positive & negative. Our expressions are often governed by our upbringing, cultural backgrounds, society etc. However, both these forms of expression are equally important.


It is slow process of realization, perception and learning which allows you to control your emotions or else your emotions will control you.
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