Diet and Nutrition Works For Autism

Decades ago, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a group of developmental disorder in which patients suffer significant social, communication, and behavioural difficulties, was considered rare, and the prognosis of those who had it usually wasn’t good. But times have changed. The prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder among adults and children has skyrocketed over the last several years. Much more research is done on the different ways to treat and manage it which has become available. Nutrition therapy defining a specific diet plan can play a significant role in managing the conditions of ASD patients enabling them to live productively.
Autism is influenced by nutrition. The caregivers of children suffering from autism must look after improving their (ASD Child’s) digestive system. Many parents of autistic children have reported that their child experiences prolonged digestive issues due to the antibiotics taken while managing other primary & secondary issues of the pathology. These Antibiotics kill the good as well as the bad bacteria and hence, their digestive system has irregularities. Thus intake of fibrous food, yoghurts etc. help these children.
The autistic children who show the signs of hyperactivity must improve their blood sugar by avoiding artificial preservatives and artificial sweetness in the food. The third component of the diet plan is to increase the consumption of Omega 3 Fats than the average. The Omega 3 fats help in slowing down of defective bad enzyme and improvement in behaviour, mood, imagination, spontaneous speech, sleep patterns and focus of autistic children. Also increase in vitamins (A, B6, C) and minerals are also a nutritive method for autism control. The best sources of Vitamin A are the breast milk, milk fat, organ meat, fish and cod liver oil, none of which is prevalent in our diet. The best sources for vitamin C are green and leafy vegetables, tomatoes and tomato juice, sweet potatoes etc. The best sources for vitamin B6 are non-citrus fruits, starchy vegetables, fish, organ meat etc. These vitamins help in the development of brain cells.
An important aspect of the diet plan is taking care of the food allergies of the children. Avoid the allergy-causing foods is the only way of dealing with it other than taking medicines.
Overall taking care of a proper diet and nutrition will help in the course of treatment of autism. And yes it definitely works!!
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