Converting barriers to facilities…the Need!!

People with disabilities and their families often find their lives unsatisfactory as compared to others. They feel that they do not have sufficient control in their lives and day to day living as well, even they find insufficient choices in tiny things in life. They often have limited access and inclusivity to various streams such as education; employment etc. even today in society along with disability comes stigma and discrimination. Restriction in Participation and lack of feeling the connectedness with others leads to their recessive involvement in society.
With the advent of new technologies of modern science, new hopes are emerging for people with disabilities. Assistive technology, is adapted to everyone’s abilities, which means that disabled end-users will be able to participate in all aspects of life on better and equal terms than ever before. It is vital that people are able to benefit on an equal basis from the rapid development of technology, to enable them to partake in an inclusive and barrier‐free society.


Technological innovations that promote independence, community participation, and healthful living are the necessity today. Areas were technological interventions are needed are personal assistance, caregiver assistance, mobility, cognition, perception, awareness, sensation, vocation. Also, tools and measures must be developed to assess the impact of technology on activity, quality of life, cost, community participation, and health (beyond morbidity and mortality).
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