Cerebral Palsy Parenting

Special children have special needs. Even though doctor’s handle 75℅ of the treatment but the remaining 25℅ is in the hands of Parents. There are a number of ways parents can lend a helping hand to make the child’s life easier.
Educate the family: Not only mom and dad but the entire family should learn and understand what Cerebral palsy is and how it affects the child. When the whole family is involved, the responsibility of caring for your child is not stuck on one person. Little things like these make differences.
Be your child’s in-house therapist: Home is the best and most comfortable place for a child’s therapy. If the parents also learn the proper ways to help the child exercise at home, they can help him stretch his muscles and build balance.
Help the child explore the world and be the best version of themselves: Parents should understand that the child with Cerebral Palsy also has a life to live. Taking the children to museums, playing games, working on art projects and including them in family activities and outings can help the child to learn new things and will make them feel that they are also a valued member of the family.
Be patient: Acknowledge that your situation is a frustrating one and that anyone could become impatient. Focus on achieving small goals and how will your child become more self-reliant. Adjust sometime for yourself into your daily schedule. Get required care, either from a family member, friend, volunteer or paid provider. Join a support group where you can meet other parents in the same situation as they may be able to suggest new doctors, offer advice, or give honest reviews about the drugs or braces. They might lift your spirits on tough days. If you try this & still find yourself frustrated and impatient, speak to a counsellor.
Proper Diet: Feeding issues can be very complex for children with Cerebral Palsy and in fact, it is estimated that 35% of children with Cerebral Palsy are malnourished. So, it is wise to serve healthy food that can help to strengthen bone and muscles. Also, have a speech therapist work with your child to strengthen mouth muscles & to use his tongue more efficiently.
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