Being a less stressed parent …

Like I have always said parenthood is not easy. Raising a child is a big responsibility, a never-ending journey of love, care, compassion also equally stressful. And if you have a child with Special needs things tend to be more difficult as a parent. It is a prolonged journey of learning and improvisation to be a better parent.

In today’s world when life is so stressful in all aspects, managing stress as a parent of child with special needs is challenging. Being positive about the things and having healthy attitude towards life is very important to manage this stress. Acceptance of the things around and being thankful for what you have got really helps. Along with taking care of your child concentrating on your own health is also a must. Including proper nutrition, sleep and exercise as part of your daily routine helps as taking care of child with special need is a time and energy consuming process.

Spending time yourself will always help you to rejuvenate and start a fresh. So, always manage to have time for yourself may be just 15 mins of morning walk, but do have it. There is nothing wrong in Seeking help from friends, family and caregivers. Accepting help from others can reduce your worries and stress to some extent.

One needs to be healthy at heart and mind first to look after the other. It implies to all the relationships including parent and the child. For you to have healthy family ties you should take care of yourself and be a less stressed individual first.

Learn to manage, organise the routine and take life as it comes surely it will help you to have a less stressful life as a parent.



Courtesy- Daily Express
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