Another intellectual disorder which is less studied and closely related to CP yet differs in terms of physical impairment is Autism. Autism affects the social interaction and behavior of child .Also communication both verbal and non-verbal is seen to be affected. Like cerebral palsy every child has his/her own unique pattern of impairment. The extent of penetration of this developmental disorder differs from individual to individual.
Individuals and children suffer from the following conditions namely speech and language difficulties, intellectual disability, sleep problems, attention problems, epilepsy, anxiety, depression and difficulties with fine and gross motor skills.
An autism spectrum finds its roots in lack in sensory integration of body. It is observed that children with autism have either hypo or hyper activity of vestibular and nerves related to it. Unlike Cerebral palsy autism is treatable to an extent wherein the child can lead a normally life overcoming all the communication and behavioral challenges. Early detection of autism leads to quicker and better chances of recovery of the child.

There is no medical treatment which can cure autism. However drug therapy or medications can help to reduce depression, anxiety , manage  energy levels etc. ,behavioral and responsive training and interventions may help to teach them desired behavioral patterns; occupational and speech therapy helps to teach and inculcate basic living and communication skills. However the most important of all is the sensory integration therapy which involves stimulation of vestibular system and other nerves. This is achieved using various physiotherapy exercises involving rotation, tilting etc.


Courtesy- ABC News

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