AUTISM- Let’s Heal It

When we write about autism there has always been a different angle to it. Autism is so much in hearing when it comes to childbirth or the development of the child in the early stage. In this AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH, I think we must have a broad idea about its awareness as to what is the necessity, and it’s existence in the world of autism. Autism is a complex neurobehavioral disorder which creates a problem in social interaction and development of the child or the adult suffering from it. Autism covers a large spectrum of symptoms, skills and levels of impairment. Autism is four times more recognized in boys than in girls. It knows no racial, social or ethical boundaries. Family incomes, lifestyle or educational levels does not affect the brain. Autism runs in families; most researchers think that certain combinations of genes may predispose a child to autism.
Children with autism have trouble in the area of communication and understanding what people feel & think about things. It becomes very hard for them to express themselves through their actions, words, feelings and gestures. The effect is such that it has a devastating impact on normal life and daily chores. There is no balance within the body, and every aspect of autism comes with a challenge to face it. But there are risk factors that increase the chance of having a child with autism. Autism is said to be increasing; however, it is not clear whether its increase is related to the changes in how it is diagnosed or whether it is a true increase in the incidence of the disease.
So, let’s come up with this challenge to at least heal as we all know that autism is not curable medically but its early treatment with the help of speech therapy, physiotherapy, remedial therapy, speech therapy and vestibulator by the Transpact Enterprises can make a positive impact at the start of it.
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