Autism & Cerebral Palsy are they inter-related?

After three of  months reading about cerebral palsy , autism and  sensory impairment  ,vestibular and associated conditions ;A question  continuously arising is Are these conditions inter related???
Although from the studies it can be concluded that cerebral palsy is the condition wherein the brain is damaged and this disorder is non-developmental. However autism on another hand is a developmental disorder wherein the child doesn’t reach the age group milestones as the peers, since there is retardation in the process of brain and nerve development.
The common aspect expect for mercury poisoning is the vestibular system. Balance, posture and spatial orientation of body is achieved and maintained by a complex set of sensorimotor control systems. It includes inputs from eyes, inputs from muscle and joints, inputs from vestibular system, integration of sensory processing the conflict between the inputs, reflex motor output, learning and retention of knowledge. In cerebral palsy it is seen that either sensory inputs or motor reflexes or both can be affected due to the kind and extent of damage to the brain whereas in autism sensory integration dysfunction is observed which leads to their overstimulated or calm behavior.


It is still a topic of debate whether cerebral palsy and autism are interrelated. But it can be stated that the treatment of both involves stimulation of vestibular system by Swinging, Bouncing, Twirling, tilting and rotation motions etc  along with various other therapies and it should be noted  time plays a very important factor in both the cases.



Courtesy- cells trails data

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