Autism Acceptance and Not Just Awareness!!

Awareness and autism have been the new buzzwords in today’s world. For me, autism awareness is knowing that Autism is not a disease but it is a set of developmental delays leading to behavioural and sensory challenges. Awareness is understanding that autistic people are not disabled but they are differently-abled. Awareness is understanding that autistic people may not communicate better but they still have a say. The time for autism awareness is over now, its the time for acceptance. Acceptance is not just calling the autistic child at a birthday party. Acceptance is not just opening the doors for an autistic child but also opening the heart for them. Acceptance is not just passing a smile at them but also raising your voice when you see someone is being rude towards them. Acceptance is not just a positive attitude but it is a necessity, a matter of urgency. Autistic children will not be safe until we understand the difference between awareness and actual acceptance.
Today’s world is much busier in their routine. Every day we are faced with many choices to make. Making the wrong choices can lead to anxiety and anxiety only makes everything even worse. Autism is associated with anxiety. Autism awareness is teaching your child about autistic children but autistic acceptance is teaching your child to communicate with an autistic child and be the facilitator if not a friend. It is not acceptable when you favour autistic people by offering jobs to them but acceptance is when you realize their abilities and skills and helping them explore and be the best version of themselves. I hope one day globally people will realize that for sustainable development no one should be left behind. I hope one day people will learn to respect each other’s differences and that day will be more of accepting autism. Autism awareness has done its damage now its time for autism acceptance to repair it.
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