Adaptive Clothing

Most of us know or could have come across someone who has a disability or any medical physical challenge which makes the simple tasks of daily routine challenging or difficult. There is a huge count of individuals who have limited mobility may it be temporary or permanent in nature which requires a high level of care by others. Thus, adaptive clothing forms a very essential part of this care taking.  Adaptive clothing are the dresses or outfits and footwear especially designed for the individuals with physical disabilities, bed-ridden patients, the elderly’s and so on. Basically, for those who have difficulty in dressing themselves due to incapability to use as buttons, zippers i.e. any sort of clothing closures or due to a lack of a full range of motion required for self-dressing for example individuals suffering from the spectrum of Cerebral Palsy -the quadriplegics and paraplegics.
Adaptive clothing is not only meant to comfort the dressing process of specially abled but also to inculcate a sense of wellbeing in them. Adaptive clothing is one of the prime assisting things easing the challenges faced by the caregivers (parents, nurses etc).
Adapted clothes help the special abled or elderly patient to provide themselves with some level of self-care and comfort to access medical devices, wheel chairs etc thus making them retain their dignity. These come in varied styles and offer easy access to body parts for use of any medical appliance /device without removing the entire garment, and makes it easier to change or remove clothing.


Adaptive clothing’s come in fabrics which are soft, not abrasive to the skin and of the highest quality to withstand severe cleaning & usage.  Special attention is paid to the location of fasteners and zippers. They come in all shapes & sizes to comfortably fit to the users.
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