A Comprehensive treatment Plan

The extent of the physical impairment a child suffers from the neurological /brain damage is taken as the primary condition of the child .However along with are various secondary , associative and co- mitigating conditions which exists due to  the primary effects. The primary physical impairment may involve challenges with muscle tone, reflexes, posture, balance, fine and gross motor functioning also oral motor functioning. Which in turn create secondary conditions such as difficulty to chew, swallow, or communicate that also require treatment.  Managing  Cerebral Palsy is further complicated by co-mitigating factors which are not caused by the same brain damage that caused CP but that still exists in the child as a separate condition which  requires  simultaneous treatment eg child my suffer from asthma or any such ailment.
Due such complications in the treatment and uniqueness of every child as far as extent of impairment is considered, the Children require or need a comprehensive treatment & care plan which differ from child to child .This plan takes into consideration all the conditions existing in the child, the child’s ability, his /her socio –economic background also kind & quality of home care received. The team includes the various multidisciplinary doctors, pediatrician, parents or the legal guardians. At the onset goals for the treatment are established keeping in mind the medical condition of the child .Then the set goals are achieved using a combination of drugs & therapies.


However a keen observation from the primary caregiver is required all time as complications may arise at any point of time, noticing them earlier can help the caregiver to act promptly and minimize the effect.  It takes lot from the general primary pediatrician and caregivers to accomplish the set goals of treatment to develop in the child abilities so that the/she can have degree of independence and lead a quality life.
Courtesy- CerebralPalsy.org
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