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While all organizations talk about transformation – We do it! In fact, we go beyond transformation….We transcend the Impact!

transcend (verb)

  • 1. To go beyond; overpass; exceed
  • 2. Torise above and independent

impact (noun)

  • 1. Influence; effect;
  • 2. An impinging;

Our Vision

To impact lives of people through continuous technological
interventions and innovations.

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Our Mission

To provide innovative, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions, products and services with strategic partnerships and collaborative relationships to help especially abled people to transcend their barriers.

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Our Products


Vestibulator® is a patented and innovative scientific therapeutic device to stimulate vestibular system of cerebral palsy children available in manual as well as motorized version. It also serves the physiotherapy needs due to accidental strains, paralysis attack, post-surgery rehabilitation and sports injury.


A cloud-based therapy and rehabilitation software solution developed specifically to streamline and manage the therapy, rehab clinical documentation, nutrition schedule, administrative processes, training and individual education plan. Integration with Vestibulator® and Mobile assistance is key to RehabSoft™.

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Transpact® partners with entrepreneurs, corporates, philanthropic organizations, non-profits and agencies around the world to deploy Vestibulator® solutions for therapy and rehabilitation centers, special children school, communities, hospitals and institutions. Our unique CSR-cum-distribution model can be custom designed to suit your requirements.


Brand Connect

Backed by the IRCC of IIT Bombay, Vestibulator® is the only innovative therapeutic device

Patented Technology

Vestibulator® is patented technology and has exclusive intellectual property rights.

Research & Development

Commitment to research and development is driving constant innovation across our technology platform, leading to stronger innovation and marketing results.

Successful Beta

We have successfully demonstrated five times productivity improvement in proof of concept device at SRCC rehabilitation center.

Platform Service

With our unique platform you get the advantage of 24/7 Call Centre Support, Business Consultancy and Local Advertising & Marketing Support.

Business Opportunity

Requires Low Upfront Investment and guarantees high and rapid revenues through performance-linked incentives

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Vestibulator® is also used as an instrument for diagnosing and testing the vestibular disorders along with stimulating the vestibular system.

“1 in 5” people in the world are affected by vestibular disorders. An estimated 90 million Americans affected by Vestibular and balance disorders at some point in their lives, the need for effective diagnostic and treatment approach is must.

Vestibulator® would be used for Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) in physiotherapy department of Hospitals and Rehabilitation center. It’s also a must device for serving the physiotherapy needs due to accidental strains, paralysis attack and sports injury.

Transpact® proposes and helps in setting up a specialized infrastructure “VestiLab” with Vestibulator® to increase the profitability of Hospitals and centers.

Vestibulator® for Rehabilitation Center

The problem:

Rehabilitation center focuses on restoring health and functional abilities of people with acute illness or injury with manual physical and occupational therapy.

Transpact Solution:

Vestibulator® motorized version on build-operate-transfer model, rehabilitation center can offer the comprehensive solution to their patients with “VestiLab®” solution.

Vestibulator® for Hospitals

The problem:

Vestibular assessment services are missing from many Hospitals’ Physiotherapy department.

Transpact Solution:

Vestibulator® motorized version will help in establishing a Vestibular Testing Lab for the Hospitals offering Vestibular (balance) services.


There are over 70 Million children in India with developmental disabilities and over 850,000 in Mumbai alone. The most common developmental disorder is Cerebral Palsy caused by damage to the brain that occurs before, during, or shortly following birth affecting body movement and muscle coordination. Children with cerebral palsy may not be able to walk, talk, eat, or play. Although cerebral palsy is lifelong condition with no cure, therapies such as Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies at early age of 1 to 7 years can help improve function.

Vestibulator® helps therapist to automate the stimulation of all receptors of vestibular system helping early intervention and treatment.

Through “Contribute to Community” solution, Transpact® brings a fresh approach of partnering with Corporate for adopting a school and Foundations for sponsoring a needy child to create cost effective and sustainable solution.

Vestibulator® for Special School

The problem:

The school for special children are run and managed by charitable organizations. The school provides therapy and education for free to under-privileged exceptional children.

Transpact Solution:

Transpact® being a social enterprise under section (25) of Company’s Act 2013, eligible corporate can utilize CSR fund to sponsor special school. Transpact® delivers and implements complete solution by installing and implementing Vestibulator® and RehabSoft™ at the Special School adopted by the corporate.

Adopt a School

Vestibulator® for Home Use

The problem:

TThere are no appropriate rehabilitation centers or special children school for children with developmental disorders living in rural areas and underserved remote locations.

Transpact Solution:

Transpact® partnered with NGO – RIDA Foundation to help individual directly sponsor a Vestibulator® home version to a cerebral palsy child and avail the tax exemption under 80G of Income Tax Act.

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Transpact® is led by a diverse team of experienced practitioners who are deeply committed to the company's mission


Transpact® works with a variety of partners - International Philanthropic Organizations, Foundations, Non Profit Organizations and Government Agencies - to deliver complete solutions for automating the therapy and rehabilitation for cerebral palsy children.

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Thank you for your interest in joining Transpact®. We seek to engage dynamic professionals who are committed to share our mission and values. We welcome applications for Jobs that have been posted below. In addition, we actively look out for interesting people and profiles who are willing to volunteer or intern with us.If you are interested in working with us, please write to us at "" along with your CV and a cover letter.

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